Adventure in Dentures

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Are you scared to get dentures?? Are you too young? Afraid folks will notice?
Well put your fear on pause for a sec and listen to my story!

Everyday I literally get dozens and dozens of emails from people just like you suffering from serious pain and despairing about what to do. Money is just too tight and somehow our teeth sadly become a "luxury." After being in the same boat, I managed to climb out. It was wasn't the way I wanted to deal with my teeth, but I did it and believe me when I say I wish I had done it years ago!

If you're anything like me, dentures is a LAST resort. But I had no other options. My teeth were simply falling out of my head.  After the exam it was determined that they had to go. They had become so brittle over the years that if I had chosen to get root canals, crowns, bonding, etc... they would only fall apart again within the next 5 to 10 years. I finally broke down and decided that it was the best course to take. I felt like I was on my way to pick out my coffin.

My dentist was very kind and extremely sympathetic. He could see by the tears in my eyes, that this was not what I wanted. There just were no other options. He did inform me that after about 6 months or so after I was healed, AND if I could afford it, that I still had a lot of bone and he could place implants for me IF that's what I really wanted. Then he patted me on the head and tried to convince me I wasn't going to want implants after this. Even if I wanted implants instead of dentures, my teeth would STILL have to come out and I would STILL have the healing time before they could be placed. So I decided I would go for it and maybe a miracle would happen and I could wear the dentures while I was healing and then get my really cool implants! Implants by the way are extremely expensive. Probably about $20k for my mouth. Although you can get a few placed to hold your denture in permanently. That was the BAD news.

Now for the Good news!
Today's dentures are NOT your grandmother's dentures!!! After a few weeks of healing I was overjoyed at the results. I could smile, eat, laugh, kiss, scream, whistle, eat steak and do anything I wanted to do and I looked and felt like ME! The best part is that noone other than my closest relatives know about them. I have thoroughly decided that I don't need implants. I felt so foolish and RELIEVED. If I was photogenic I would post pictures for you (but no, sorry I really don't want anyone I know to know that I have them! lol). I still go back every once in a while and get them re-lined.

Please don't suffer anymore.. find help from the directory or take your next tax refund if you have to and do this! Your face will swell for a few days and you won't look anything like yourself and them one morning you'll wake up, look in the mirror and end up doing cartwheels the rest of the day. I now feel like they are my own teeth and I don't even notice them.

So now that I hopefully have convinced you, let me give you some more advice... DON'T put it off. You need to go have an exam and get the impressions done before you lose any more teeth. It's important so that you actually get your own mouth back! If you can afford nothing more than that, at least get your mouth "photocopied."

If you have any questions about my ordeal or just need advice, please feel free to ask! Email me at!


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DATE: 7/20/2018 11:48:41 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Brett
I am 34 years old and suffer from epilepsy and mild mental retardation. I am married with 3 boys. I need dentures because of 2 missing front teeth. I can't afford dental insurance. Thank you for considering me for this.
DATE: 7/7/2017 1:05:35 PM ... SCREEN NAME: lattgen
please emeil me with info about free dentures and hearing aids. my email is
DATE: 7/7/2017 1:02:51 PM ... SCREEN NAME: lattgen
wiw i need help with denures and hearing aids. please help
DATE: 3/3/2017 5:11:31 PM ... SCREEN NAME: albill
I need the partial teeth I have left extracted. Then I need dentures. Can you help me?
DATE: 6/28/2013 12:24:27 PM ... SCREEN NAME: radiantlight
My husband fractured his hip in January of this year, and while under the influence of heavy duty painkillers at the hospital, he decided he needed to tidy up his dinner table next to his hospital, and his teeth went into the trash. Sadly the nurse rushed to retrieve them but the garbage truck had already left. It's so hard for him to eat, and so hard for him to bear being treated like an old man just because they way he looks. Any help out here in Texas? I've tried Baylor College of Dentistry, but they don't do dentures.
DATE: 6/24/2013 5:50:44 PM ... SCREEN NAME:
I only have about 6 teeth left and I live on social security. These 6 teeth are broken and damaged. My daughter gets married in July and I need dentures before the wedding. Who can help, cost, and location
DATE: 11/23/2012 6:03:37 PM ... SCREEN NAME: MsSmiley143
Hi I'm a 29 year old woman. All my life I always wanted to fix my teeth, they were always crooked, I finally get braces and they were getting straight so fast. Now here it is 5 months later and this horrible incident that I am about to tell you about ruined all the hard work. On thanksgiving I decided to have some company over and cook a nice big dinner for them. Everything was going fine until two of the individuals who were at my house began to argue with one another.Before I knew it they began to physically fight one another. I did not appreciate them fighting in my house so I tried to break up the fight by grabbing one of them, with intentions of breaking them apart. When I did that we fell back on the ground,and with the impact the back of her head smashed into my mouth, causing my teeth to get knocked out. I have braces so my teeth were already in a fragile state and I sacrificed the money that I put towards paying for them out of my own pocket. I am a low income woman with no dental coverage. Now my braces are ruined,two of my teeth are temporarily glued in my mouth,and one is broken off. The emergency room said that if I don't go see a dentist and get this fixed as soon as possible the tooth that was knocked out will fall back out. I don't have the financial means to pay for the treatment. I am still traumatized and would really appreciate the assistance. It would be a blessing to have my teeth fixed and to have my smile back. As a young woman I don't wanted to have to go through life with teeth missing in the front of my mouth. I ask in good faith for help . I don't know what to do. I am in so much pain and so embarrassed.
DATE: 10/3/2012 6:49:41 PM ... SCREEN NAME: jvarghese78
Sorry, can be emailed at
DATE: 10/3/2012 6:47:08 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Jvarghese78
Hi I am a 34yr old single mother of 4, 2x cancer survivor. But with all the radiation I have gone through and just being so sick over the yrs, I have only my front teeth left, I can barely eat things and look so ugly now. I have deep lines on my face from my cheeks sinking in, very broke and only have medicaid, depressed everyday now, can you please tell me is there help out there?
DATE: 9/14/2012 9:32:16 AM ... SCREEN NAME: Hookieluv
Im a 54 year ok women , that is on disability , my teeth broken hurt and need pulled and I beef dentures I too won't smile and also very ashamed of my teeth, I haven't been able to chew my foods a d find myself eat things like yogurt . Slider foods , please help me ? Teri Johnson. 786 bridgeford apt . D gridley , ca. 95948

Please I'm on a very fixed income , and need help please,
DATE: 4/23/2012 10:01:45 AM ... SCREEN NAME: Javier
I don't have a dental inncarsue too. It's very expensive but we have no choice but to take good care of our teeth. WE really have to spend some bucks. When I was still a student. I always make sure that I go to my dentist for regular clean-ups and fillings, if needed. What my dentist used to do is to make me pay for her services on a staggered basis since I am still a student. Not too many dentist would understand that most Pinoys can't afford the dental fees especially if it's only a one time payment. My dentist understood my situation being just a student. I didn't bother to ask my parents about the dental fees because that's definitely not their priority. I make sure that I get to save up enough dime from my daily allowance to be able to pay my dentist. Sorry for the litany, LOL!Thanks Jess for the frequent visits and comments at my blogs. I sincerely appreciate it. See you around!

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