America's State of Decay

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This document details the countries state of decay. The overall grade? D! If you have ever found yourself in need of dental insurance to cover the basics, you will have a better appreciation for this document. How is it that your United States is the powerful country on the planet but cannot take better steps to protect the welfare of it's members specific to basic dental care? I have many thoughts on this topics and will expand more in the near future.

Each state is ranked in the document. Take a moment to find your state and let us know your thoughts.

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DATE: 10/10/2015 1:09:53 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Saeed
The previous anwesr is wrong. The two issues are separate. I don't know what Texas will cover (they are pretty stringent about any public health services), but it doesn't hurt to apply. Go for it, and good luck.

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