Dental Assistant

This section is dedicated to anything dental assistant related. Why? I hear from countless people each month in need of basic dental care and a small handful aspire to not only fix their own situation, but also help others. Being a Dental Assistant is a great opportunity to do just that!

Curious to know more about a Dental Assistant Salary? I conducted some quick research and found some great information.

Do you need a degree to become a Dental Assistant? No. Many people think they need a college degree to become a Dental Assistant and are pleasently surprised to learn otherwise. Dental Assistant Training cost a fraction of the time and money compared to a traditional college degree. All dental assistants are required to complete training at an accredited school. Most community colleges and vocational schools are a good source and will offer many related programs.

The unemployment rate for Dental Assistants are record lows. The industry employs almost 300k workers!

Dental Assistant Responsibilities

A dental assistant is responsible for lots of stuff.

How many times have you been to a dentist and had a bad experience? Perhaps you felt nervous and uncomfortable about the entire visit. One of the main responsibilities of the Dental Assistant is to ensure patients are relaxed at all times. From the time they walk in the door to the time they leave, a patient should be relaxed. Dental assistants are trained to handle patient needs and ultimately create a positive experience by remaining calm, cool, and collected in the face of adversity.

Dental assistants are typically responsible for taking X-rays which is a vital part of every examination. Assistants will be trained to operate radiological equipment and will prepart the x-rays for review by the dentist. Times have changed in the world of x-ray technology but not to worry because most dental assistant programs will provide proper training.

Certified Dental Assistant

After proper training from a community college or vocational school, you will become a Certified Dental Assistant and carry the accrediation of CDA. Assistants with a CDA will be more appealing to dental offices looking for help.


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