Interesting Dental Facts

That soft drinks and cordials are really bad for your teeth?
Here's how it happens: plaque bacteria in our mouths digest the sugar in soft drinks and cordials and produce a diluted acid. It is this acid that eats into tooth enamel and creates cavities. If that wasn't bad enough, these drinks (even diet ones) are acidic which again causes problems for your teeth. In fact, a tooth dropped into a glass of soft drink, would, fairly rapidly, completely dissolve!

If you can't give up soft drinks, we suggest using a straw as this allows less contact between your teeth and the drink.

That women in North America drink more diet cola than water?
Diet cola is acidic and puts the enamel at risk of erosion, especially if the drink is sipped or swished in your mouths, Be wise - drink water!

That sports drinks are acidic?
Your enamel is at risk of erosion when you sip a sports drink, especially when you're dehydrated. Be wise - drink water!

That most people brush their teeth too hard?
In fact you can actually ruin the gum tissue causing the gums to recede - and it never grows back. You can also strip enamel from the tooth making it sensitive to heat and cold. Stripped enamel reveals the underlying tooth layer called dentine. Because the dentine is yellowish in color, the result is an ever-increasing yellowing smile. As with gum tissue, enamel never grows back either. So go easy!

That many babies and young children suffer from extensive tooth decay?
Just like an adult's mouth, a baby's mouth is full of bacteria. These bacteria feed on sugars found in the liquids there. Many parents put their baby to sleep with a bottle to soothe and settle it down. Unfortunately the fluid (milk or juices) from the bottle pools around the teeth. Bacteria multiply and form acids, which damage the baby's teeth. Milk and natural juices contain sugars, so the liquid of choice for the baby's bottle is water, and remember not to put baby to bed with a bottle.

Sugarless chewing gum can help your teeth?
The chewing action stimulates saliva flow. Saliva works as our natural mouthwash by dissolving sulphur molecules which causes bad breath. It also neutralizes acids produced by plaque bacteria, and helps clear the mouth of food that plaque bacteria feast on.

Tooth enamel has no nerve fibers?
While acid is attacking tooth enamel, you can't feel a thing. But once the acid has begun to create a cavity and attacks the dentine under the enamel, the nerve fibers begin to send out a message that something is wrong. By then, you have tooth decay. So don't wait until it hurts!

How much time do you think each person spends brushing their teeth in a lifetime?
Try 38.5 days! It adds up!:)

Where to keep your toothbrush?
Sounds like a silly question, but did you know you should keep your toothbrush at least 6 feet away from your toilet. Why? Because when you flush airborne resulting from the flush could land on your toothbush eventually making you ill!:) Yuck!:)


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