Disabled Without Dental Care

Disabled without dental care? I have researched this topic at length for various reasons. The NFDH is a great resource for more information. If you know someone who is disabled and does not have dental coverage, consider visiting the NFDH. In addition, check with your local social services and support groups. Many support groups specific to a given diability can provide a wealth of information for not only dental work but for free medical services as well.

If you are reading this and have additional information/resources, please send me an email. I will gladly research the information add it to my site. Far too often people seem to forget about the importance of dental care especially for the disabled. Focus is always on medical and for good reason, but let's not forget about dental care for the disabled.

I have spent years participating in various online forums dedicated to helping the poor find dental care. Unfortunately, most of the poor are disabled and do not have the means to work nor commute very far. Dental care for the disabled has always been of interest to me simply because most advocates focus on health care. I will continue to research this subject and post updates as they become available. Take care and God Bless!

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DATE: 10/14/2017 11:47:58 PM ... SCREEN NAME:
How I wish to have teeth. I just graduated to a nurse but am depressed of being in the work force with this problem. Please help me. It's been so hard hiding , refuse to go eat with others etc thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to write to you. God bless you always. Sincerely,. Rick
DATE: 9/26/2017 11:24:28 AM ... SCREEN NAME: Poor
I am on medicare and have no dental insurance. I went to the community dental free clinic. No free, initial cost $161.00. That was for evaluation only. There is free dental at Social Services. Extractions only. What is a person to do? Teeth are a health issue. I am at my whits end. So much pain and no hope.
DATE: 9/24/2017 3:51:34 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Debbie17
I'm disabled with rheumatoid really. With a major iron difficulties I have just turn 50 and for several years I have no teeth except the 6 broken ones in the front. I have a upper denture that doesn't fit at all I had a government dentist that didn't care. Tens years later I still am having slivers of teeth poking me. I have a great reliable Dentist whom is als a Dental Surgeon whom is more than willing help with implants but I can't afford them and I don't know where to go find a grants or how to apply for one someone please advise. Debbie. Call me 586--871-1448
DATE: 9/23/2017 1:42:39 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Sue r
im on disability, medicare dosent cover any dental. I had partials but they are broke I would like to get help getting new ones thank you
DATE: 9/20/2017 3:16:57 PM ... SCREEN NAME: frank gennotti
i've 63 been getting great dental care just in a few months i'll be losing ten dont know why with no gum disease
DATE: 9/16/2017 6:43:21 AM ... SCREEN NAME: Sue parlin
I have been disabled for 10 your I have had no teeth from 2012know I have so much aid in my throat cause I not able to chew my food well I all so have where my jaw will hurt drs say it's cause I have no teeth I need help
Thank you
Sue parlin
DATE: 9/15/2017 2:40:30 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Sue parlin
Please help me I no teeth and my jaw is hurting and I i ha be aid reflex cause of it help me I'm on disability and can't afford it on my own
That you
DATE: 9/13/2017 4:17:02 AM ... SCREEN NAME: 3rd_Rock
Living SSDI. Have medicare/caid, and true blue. They cover minor dental, but not root canals
DATE: 9/12/2017 9:25:25 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Lilac Lady
I need dental car in the biggest way.Five of my front upper teeth have crowns, bonding and quick fix for appearance. Missing 3 molars (not including wisdom) my bottom front teeth are pretty good, mis-colored and crooked. I'm only 56 on disability and simply cannot afford to have an appealing smile. It's depressing not to feel comfortable to smile and difficult to eat missing molars. Could you PLEASE find it in your heart to help me. Thank you and bless you.
DATE: 9/3/2017 4:26:40 PM ... SCREEN NAME:
I am disable. don't have money for dental. Need help now mouth gum disease can't eat at times I really need help now teeth. Are. Are lose and lose and hurt all the please help now please help
DATE: 8/30/2017 10:30:45 AM ... SCREEN NAME: Shawnee
Needing dental ins. In on Disability
DATE: 8/23/2017 8:19:51 PM ... SCREEN NAME: lisa
have multiple problems but currently have bad cavity that has become painful
DATE: 8/22/2017 2:34:56 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Jim
On SSDI and finally had bottom 4 teeth pulled. No insurance at this time but need a cleaning.
DATE: 8/11/2017 11:43:43 PM ... SCREEN NAME: lou
need tooth remove
DATE: 8/11/2017 1:24:33 AM ... SCREEN NAME:
my husband and I are on disability, he has heart disease, diabetic, and now an illness that no one can diagnose... He has such bad teeth and the infection makes his entire body sick and I am afraid that this will kill him. Can't anyone do anything about the lack of care in this country. we pay for reps. insurance for the rest of their lives, do they deserve care but we the people don't. wow I thought America was great. what a disappointment the leaders of this county Good thing we worked ourselves into a disability to make sure they are healthy!!

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