Disabled Without Dental Care

Disabled without dental care? I have researched this topic at length for various reasons. The NFDH is a great resource for more information. If you know someone who is disabled and does not have dental coverage, consider visiting the NFDH. In addition, check with your local social services and support groups. Many support groups specific to a given diability can provide a wealth of information for not only dental work but for free medical services as well.

If you are reading this and have additional information/resources, please send me an email. I will gladly research the information add it to my site. Far too often people seem to forget about the importance of dental care especially for the disabled. Focus is always on medical and for good reason, but let's not forget about dental care for the disabled.

I have spent years participating in various online forums dedicated to helping the poor find dental care. Unfortunately, most of the poor are disabled and do not have the means to work nor commute very far. Dental care for the disabled has always been of interest to me simply because most advocates focus on health care. I will continue to research this subject and post updates as they become available. Take care and God Bless!

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