Discount Dental Plans

Let talk about Discount Dental PLANS!

If you have trolled the site, you may have noticed a section on Dental Insurance and find yourself asking the question - What is the difference between Dental Insurance and Dental Plans? Good question! I have chatted with representatives on both sides of the fence. In short, dental insurance is something you pay into for basic coverage that is limited in both coverage for any given procedure and the total amount covered (for example, $1500 per year); dental plans provide a wholesale rate for dental coverage without limits. It might help to view dental plans in similar way you might view a membership to Sams Club or Costco. Discount dental plans offer a solid alternative to traditional dental insurance.

Discount dental plans.

Save Money!

Discount dental plans can save you 10% to 60% on most procedures. The link above will offer you the option to choose from over 30 plans which encompasses over 100,000 participating providers! Look over the plans carefully to ensure you choose the best for your situation (only select plans offer discounts on dental specialties). They also offer quick activation ... most plans are activated within 3 business days:)

I have assisted countless people over the years and know that most have nothing. Getting a dental plan requires a bit of money which most will find a struggle, so I encourage you to apply for the monthly dental grant as well. I encourage your feedback. If you sign-up for a dental plan, please let me know how is goes ... send an email or send a message on facebook.


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