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I have heard from countless people over the years in need of help. Most have no money and are searching for dental help or medical help. They want to know, 'where can I find a free clinic?' and 'do free clinics truly exist?' Good news! Yes, you can find a free clinic for both dental and medical issues.

Keep in mind that free clinics do not always mean free. Most offer a sliding scale service of some sort. Sliding scale services are based on your income or lack of income. If you have nothing to give, chances are that you will qualify for free care. If you only make a small amount of money, you will be offered huge discounts to offset some of the fees incurred by the clinic. This is considered a pay-what-you-can service which makes good sense to me.

One important qualification for services might be your residence. Most free clinics will offer services to people living within a given radius, however if you are homeless, you have little concerns. Most service providers will take pity on your situation and open their doors.

Where to find a Free Clinic

Many people are in need of free services, but few people know where to look. I suspect you are reading this section because you found this site on the net or perhaps a friend told you about it. The net is a good starting point to find free dental care and free medical care from nearby clinics. But do not stop there! Consider going to local churches and asking friends and family for help. Churches are filled with great people from all walks of life! Many churches will have a dentist or doctor affiliated with their organization. Another good source will be shelters. Many people who work at shelters will know of at least one free clinic and most will have a list.

Our site contains one of the largest online directories of free clinics for both dental and medical. The list has been built over the years and is now user maintained which is great. If you find a clinic not listed, please add it to the list so others can benefit. Thank you and God Bless!


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been searching for help on dental implant expense. can you help or provide direction to get one pls.
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am disable and need help to get dentures i cant afford it but need this done on top of my Lupus i have TMJ thats why my ear bothing me dr say it be good to get my teeth that i have left so it can be a good bite or even how ever it needs done to help me am asking for free help i apprecaite it if you can help me
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my tooth has not stopped hurting no money its been 2days nothing will work to make it stop
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Interesting job of 25 years was eliminated and I have no income or barely any income and cannot afford to see a dentist and my teeth are cracking off and shattering. I'm in pain. I have teeth that are broken at the gumline and it's kind of hard to eat foods that are healthy such as raw vegetables, etc. Are there really "free" dental clinics? If so would like to receive information on such. thank you, sincerely L. Tavormina
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