How to get a FREE Evaluation

Many people are in need of dental help and find themselves at a crossroad. Some qualify for Medicaid which simplifies the process a bit and others make just enough money to be disqualified from Medicaid but unfortunately do not make enough to live on. You mouth is hurting from all the pain and you feel like you have nowhere else to turn, so what should you do? The first step? Consider seeking a FREE evaluation.

Many people want to know - where can I get a free evaluation? How will want to look at me? I have no money, no job, no nothing. Well, hold your head up - many dentists will want to look at you. Why? Because you are potential clients for any given dentist! Depending on the dentist, they might be willing to workout a payment plan if needed. Okay, so how do you get a free evaluation? This is easier than you think ... called a handful of nearby dentists and let them know you have recently considered switching dentists and would like a free evaluation. In addition, let them know that you expect to have a bunch of work done. Will they ask for insurance information, etc.? They might but keep in mind that you can always pay in cash. Remember, the purpose is to get a free evaluation and necessarily the work done.

The Importance of a FREE Evaluation

So why is it important to get evaluated? An evaluation will provide a baseline by a licensed dentist and a baseline is your foundation to know what is needed. I hear from people all the time with dental pain - toothaches, cracked teeth, abscess tooth, etc. They are not completely sure what is wrong nor what is needed to fix the issue. Most seek quick advise while waiting for a clinic to open. Sure, you can try various suggestions, but you still need to know what is wrong.

Dentists are compassionate people. Believe me, if I had a dime for every time I heard somebody say that dentists are out for money, I would be rich!:) Dentists are small business owners and spent lots of money on their education. Most have high student loans, car loans, credit debt, office leases, liability insurance, along with other office expenses. A portion find themselves on the path to bankruptcy which is a shame. In the end, most dentists pursue the field not because of the money, but because they simply want to help people.

Shop Around!

Most people do not think to shop around but this is very doable in the world of dental care:) People shop around for the best deal on just about anything, but people do not think to shop around for dental care which I find interesting. If you need a root canal, call 4-5 local dentists and look for the best deal. Once you have a better understanding of the total cost, turn to clinics and dental schools. I have maintained a list of clinics over the years which is now community supported. I also have a list of every dental school in the US on this site.

Keep your head up! You can do it. Follow the path ... get a free evaluation and shop around. You might be surprised to find the dentist offering the free evaluation is also willing to offer some type of financing, or better yet a barter of some sort. You simply never know until you try:)

God Bless.


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