Dental Health Care Bill

I have received many questions regarding dental provisions in the health care bill passed by President Obama. Are there dental provisions? If so, what are they? I have no money and need dental care, will the health care bill protect me?

In short ... If you would like for the government to consider amending the health care bill to include basic adult dental care coverage, please sign my online petition. Your email will serve as notice to our government officials, that you are registered voter and would like to see the health care bill amended.

About the Health Care Bill

When President Obama speaks about health care, his remarks are not detailed enough to gather any solid answers. Many refer to the health bill as Obamacare, but even President Obama is not familiar with every aspect of the bill. The bill is over 2,000 pages and loaded with content 99% of American's do not fully understand. I strongly suspect most government officials do not understand even half of what the bill offers:) By most grading standards, this would be an "F."

Did you know that if you do not get health insurance, you will be fined by the government? How much? $695! Perhaps this is a drop in the bucket for the government officials who decided this amount, but for most if not all reading this message, this is a significant amount that could be used for basic dental care.

One more note - there IS NOT a public option for health care insurance - only subsidies - and you must be the poorest of the poor to qualify:) I found the following information related to eligibility for subsidies:

  • You must make between less than 400% of the established poverty level or less which is currrently $22,050 for a family of four.
  • You cannot be eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. In addition, you cannont be covered by an employer.

If you qualify, you will receive credits and given a cap for your contribution to the premiums.

The important question - does the health care bill include dental coverage?

I am not sure what the government was thinking when they fought to get the health care bill approved and did not include a provision for dental care! On second thought, I do ... I suspect most if not all politicians have trouble-free dental care. The politicians are not thinking about the people in need of basic dental care. If they could only see the Shout It Out section, I suspect they would think differently:)

From what I can gather, there is no provision for basic adult dental coverage in the health care bill. I have found a reference to cover basic dental care for kids but nothing for adults and the coverage for kids would not be mandated until 2014. Don't get me wrong, coverage for kids is GREAT but most if not all of the visitors to this site are adults:) Kids do not always see the need for good dental care ... when kids are exposed to good dental practices, perhaps they will be in better shape as adults.

I am outraged the government did not consider adult dental care coverage as part of there provision. I have mixed emotions about the entire health care bill and forcing Americans to pay for coverage for be fined. Nonetheless, I have decided to start a petition to include adult dental converage as an amendment to the health care bill. I am not sure if this will help but I feel it is better than doing nothing:)

If you would like for the government to consider amending the health care bill to include basic adult dental care coverage, please sign my online petition.


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