Dental Health Care Bill - Petition

Government officials fought long and hard for the health care bill but failed to include basic dental provisions. My feelings are mixed on the overall health care bill, but since it passed the least the government could do is include dental coverage.

If you not read the section 'Health Care Bill - Dental?', please do so to gain a better understanding of this petition. If others feel the way I do regarding the exclusion of dental coverage in the health care bill, I suspect I will be flooded with this petition. I will route a list of concerned voters to our government officials requesting them to consider an amendment to the health care bill to include basic adult dental coverage.

Hostically, there are power in numbers! The more we get to complete this petition, the greater chance we have to influence the health care bill. I know most visitors to this site are passionate about their dental needs. Please sign the petition below and encourage others to do the same by posting links back to this site. Spread the word of our cause and together we can make a change!

This partition started on March 29, 2010. As of today, we have a total of 160! Everybody counts so please complete the form below.


Check if you are a registered voter:
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We will send the following message your local/state government officials: "I am a registered voter in your state and would like to see basic adult dental coverage amended to the health care bill."

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