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DATE: 4/25/2018 9:56:58 AM ... SCREEN NAME: Thatgirl1990
In need of emergency help teeth chipping and rotting out due to health problems please help
DATE: 3/5/2018 4:27:13 AM ... SCREEN NAME: Jennifer Deweese
I am in serious need of dental help. My teeth are chiiping, breaking and cracking from diabetes, acid reflux and the drug neurontin. Please help. God Bless.
DATE: 2/27/2018 1:42:49 AM ... SCREEN NAME: Mamakat
No comment
DATE: 5/25/2017 5:08:15 PM ... SCREEN NAME:
DATE: 10/11/2016 9:44:52 PM ... SCREEN NAME: tneecie53
I'm 53 live in Kentucky. My teeth are bad and rotten and falling out. I'm disabled and a diabetic and have RA so bad that I can't walk. I get SSD,but it doesn't cover dentures. I don't smile anymore due to how bad my death are. I've lost teeth to gum disease. I just want what teeth I have left out and dentures in so I can smile again.If I could get some help to pay for my extractions and dentures would be a blessing.God Bless You.
DATE: 9/25/2016 9:02:32 AM ... SCREEN NAME:
I am 60 years old and live in Maryland. I am on Medicaid, which doesn't pay for adult dental care and I work part time. I have lost most of my teeth to gum disease. Just recently lost my front teeth. I look like something out of a horror movie. I can't work and speak to people looking like this. I'm home in my room, crying, depressed because I have no money to pay for dental care and can't find anyone to help me. Every place I call wants money up front which I don't have and refuse to let me pay on a payment plan and have even received some mean responses if I couldn't pay. I can't hide forever, I need to work to eat and can barely do that. Does anyone have a suggestion.? I may lose my job because of my shame.
DATE: 9/20/2016 11:24:36 PM ... SCREEN NAME: tipper66
I am in desperate need of free dental help. I am 50 and have had MS for 28 years. Due to years of medications my teeth have become so damaged that I can hardly eat anything. I can't smile and fear that the decay will lead to heart disease. Please help me to find help. God Bless! Thanks.
DATE: 2/14/2016 11:53:57 PM ... SCREEN NAME: exarmyofficer
There are two of us in Columbus, Ohio and can be reached at 614-735-6596 & who need periodontal surgery and probably whatever can be done to save what we have. She is on SSI/SSD with cerebral palsy and is 40. I am 57 and on SSI/ SSD with work related injuries. We are asking for free or up to ability to pay $75 per visit, but, as stated, we require all procedures as we have not had dental care in many years.
DATE: 12/6/2015 8:03:42 AM ... SCREEN NAME:
How can I get help
DATE: 10/24/2015 8:40:33 AM ... SCREEN NAME: Joe
Sounds good how do I get it quickly
DATE: 10/11/2015 5:28:23 AM ... SCREEN NAME: ahzaly
I need help for my teeth.. Its too expensive and i can't afford it. I need tooth bridge i have 5 teeth missing and 1 is already broken. My confidence is becoming low because i cant smile fully.
DATE: 8/8/2013 10:30:38 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Jeffrey Deater
I don't have dental insurance I live in brunswick Maryland 21716 I'm disable and in tremendous pain due to my teeth I'm 42 and need a dentist that may use a sliding scale due to my limited income. Is there anything close to me that can help me and my family? Please I'm getting desperate due to the pain
DATE: 6/19/2013 11:45:42 AM ... SCREEN NAME: irishgirl
I am 22 and live in Ireland i need all my teeth removed and need dentures im too young for false teeth and need permanent ones but im a single mother of a 2 yr old so cant afford it. I have been bullied over my teeth since i was a child and all i want is to have nice teeth i would do anything can anyone help
DATE: 5/19/2013 9:50:33 PM ... SCREEN NAME: robert
hello, I am 42 turning most of my filling have all fallen out of my mouth. the temp tooth I had I lost and I have no money to afford to fix it. it would be a tremendous blessing if I could get some needed help my teeth have been is disrepair for more than 8 yrs and eating has at times become difficult. if there is anyone kind enough to offer assistance I would very much be grateful. thanks a lot Robert.
DATE: 4/22/2013 6:40:08 PM ... SCREEN NAME: tina
My name is Christina I'm 42 years old in looseing my teeth as I get older.i have two teeth that need to be pulled .well one for sure.and I have no insurance.and very lil money.please help me. Thank you.

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