Prison Healthcare and Dental Care

Over the last few months, I have receive a handful of emails about prison healthcare and dental care. Many people want to know about the care of inmates or lack of in the prison system, so I have conducted research and will continue to do so. If you have family or friends in jail, please do not be overly concerned about their care. Most jails offer solid health and dental care. What does it cost the inmate - nothing. What does it cost the taxpayers - everything. Let's cover dental care first and then healthcare.

Dental Care in the Prison System

Do inmates receive FREE dental care? You bet! Although I would not consider it free:) The care is free for the prisoners but not the taxpayers. You might wonder about the quality of care but do not. Did you know the delay of proper dental care for inmates is a violation of the Eighth Amendment of the constitution especially if the prisoner is suffering. In addition, if the prison system deprives an inmate of basic dental items such as toothpaste, this may also violate their Eighth Amendment rights.

I have helped countless people over the years with dental needs and have heard from the lowest of the low. I have seen people beg for dental care only to have doors shut in their face. These are people that have done NO wrong in life, but unfortunately they cannot find basic dental care. However, when that same person in need buys aspirin from the local store to stop a crushing pain resulting from rotten teeth, they are taxed to help pay for the inmate with dental issues. This is a very strange paradox and I suspect most would agree.

Healthcare in the Prison System

Do inmates receive FREE healthcare? You bet! Similar to dental care, but there is a twist. Most prisons will attempt to charge the inmate for medical coverage to help off-set the cost, but let's be realistic. Inmates do not earn any significant amount of money in prison, so how much can they truly afford to pay? If an inmate is unable to pay, the prison system must offer FREE MEDICAL CARE to the inmate. Why? Because if they do not, the prison system will violate the inmate's Eighth Amendment rights.

The prison is obligated under the Eighth Amendment to provide adequate medical care. Medical care may be offered from trained government staff or under contract with a third party provider. Prisoners can file a constitutional claim for inadequate medical care providing they can demonstrate that prison officials treated them with "deliberate indifference to serious medical needs." (Estelle, 429 U.S. at 104 ... told you I did my research!:)).

Go to Jail for Free Healthcare and Dental Care?

I suspect most have heard the story about the person who committed a petty crime so they could go to jail for dental care or healthcare. You need to ask the question - what is good health without freedom? You might think the system isn't fair and you would be right, but consider this - most people in prison took a wrong path and simply need help. Inmates lack the one of the most valued commodities - freedom.

If you have been in prison and experienced dental care or healthcare first hand, please send me an email and I will get your comments posted. I suspect many readers will want to know about the quality of care received (I know I do:)). I know care is available, but I am not sure about the quality. I would like to think the quality is good, but I do not know.

God Bless.


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DATE: 1/11/2019 7:35:54 AM ... SCREEN NAME: ladydonna
I would like to agree with the above statements but it is so far from the trust is just lies !
The healthcare and dental care in Ga prison is absolutely anything but care. It cost inmates money each time they have medical. No its not much $5. However, it you get no care for $5 it's expensive. Even just getting a Tylenol which I all they seem to do. For the ones on as mental medications, its a joke. You may get it but it will never be consistent which creates more harm then good.
My loved one had to call me to get medical help after being beaten and had a broke jaw for two weeks and no one would get help medical help until we threated to expose the prison. Then he was placed in isolation for 9 months no calls or family contact. Of course they say for his protection. No, it was pay back for demanding medical attention ! The prisons are so violent today because the employee's including medical is also brutal and have their own mental problems. Prisons make a lot of money and tax payers are not informed of the lie's told. If prison's were not profitable why would there be private owner's. Because it is a good profitable business !
DATE: 7/13/2018 9:33:00 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Maria L. neri
My son is in Florence Prison SMU he wrote me that they took money from his Acct for Dental he just went in please help me it sad to say it my two sons are in prison

DATE: 5/29/2018 3:39:52 AM ... SCREEN NAME: Asesina
This article is such bullshit.
Instead of writing crap, why don't you write a list of every prison in the USA that does provide dentures, if there's a cost and how much. That way a ton of us won't go get locked up since there are no other options.
You sound like someone who has never been locked up, and pulled this article out of your arse.
DATE: 4/29/2018 9:26:05 PM ... SCREEN NAME: debbie65
i wish these 'law abiding citizens" would go to prison to get a tooth bunch of idiots !!! We live in America... not a third world country.
DATE: 4/29/2018 9:17:42 PM ... SCREEN NAME: debbie65
the health care and dental are a joke. My son had an abscessed tooth, they finally pulled it when he got sick, they told him, he would have to get down to 98 lbs. before they would pull his other teeth. he weighs 140 lbs. So communist .
DATE: 1/22/2018 6:20:14 AM ... SCREEN NAME:
Need help - NOW! Inmate with abscessed tooth on one side, infection on the other. Not sleeping or eating. Begging for help for the past month and still being told no dentist till Feb 20th, another month! He's been in Baltimore County Detention Center, Towson, MD since Dec. 20th, a full month of turning in sick slips - given Ibprofen and now antibiotics as the teeth are now infected due to lack of treatment. What can I do? Seems to be cruel and inhumane treatment of a human being. Please contact me at the e-mail address listed or call me at 717-993-2241. I'm desperately seeking help!!! Jane Warrington
DATE: 11/29/2017 9:27:34 PM ... SCREEN NAME: cole
this article is all wrong. prisoners do not get good health and dental care. they have to wait months and months to see a doctor. they have to pay for their meds and as far as dental....pulling their teeth out is not what i call good dental. whoever you talked to straight up lied and gave you false info. do your research and go to an actually prison and talk to the people in there.
DATE: 11/6/2017 5:28:14 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Sue
This is the problem with the system, you put people in prison who get caught stealing or are doing drugs and you stick them with people who are rapist and drug dealers and killers and you expect these people to come back out of that place there right mind . Well it don't happen trust me . Instead of having a rehab for the dealers you big wigs let into our country to get our kids hooked on drugs you'd rather put them in prison and claim the tax payers pay it all that is all BS . They don't get any help unless money is on there books . The system is so wrong and such liars . It makes me so mad 😡 to know how they treat these people .
DATE: 8/11/2017 11:34:00 PM ... SCREEN NAME: Chris
Where did you get your info? Much of it is incorrect. In many places the inmate has to pay for care. I also wouldn't consider a tooth extraction for a minor cavity free dental. Just like I wouldn't consider pulling my own tooth free dental care. Your claim that these things have to be provided because of an amendment is laughable. The sixth amendment is the right to a speedy trial. When you die (if there is an afterlife) ask Kalief Browder how much rights and amendments matter to jail and prison officials.
DATE: 6/28/2017 12:37:42 AM ... SCREEN NAME: Mom of a inmate @ lebre prison in ridgeville sc
Inmates there have to pay for every thing there.meds,hygene thats bad how in the world can they pay for these svc. if they dont have money in there books? that what start alot of riots and other bad stuff that goes on in there.smh. fyi

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