Slow Tooth Decay - Causes of Tooth Decay

Top 5 Causes of Tooth Decay
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If you have ever experienced toothache, you'll know how great its impact is on your functionality for the day. The affected area may be small but the pain felt in that specific part of your mouth renders you incapable of finishing whatever task is at hand. Here are the top 5 causes of tooth decay that might just be why you're suffering now.
  •  Poor dental care
  • Sugar and Starch diet
  • Fluoride deficiency
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol

1 - Dental health or dental care

Simply refers to good hygiene, which points to brushing the teeth regularly and flossing. It is recommended to do these twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime. Although, it would be best to brush after every meal or whenever you eat sweets - but that is not very practical.

Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria in the mouth produce the lactic acids that cause damage on the enamel part of the teeth. This acid drills through thus, causing the holes or cavities in the teeth.

Brushing the teeth regularly will help control the plaque that builds up around the teeth. This plaque can be considered as the breeding ground for bacteria, and a storage facility for more concentrated acids that can stay for hours. Lesser plaque means fewer bacteria that produce the acids, so lesser chances of tooth decay.

These dental activities can help maintain the cleanliness of the mouth and control the growth of bacteria on the surface, between the teeth, and on the gums. However, it is also best to visit the dentist regularly so he can scrape off the plaques that cannot be removed by simple brushing.

2 - Poor diet that is full of starch and sugar

The bacteria inside the mouth have a fanfare and feast whenever the host eats or drinks sweets. As the host feeds, so do the bacteria in his mouth. After around 20 minutes, the bacteria will transform the sugar into waste in the form of lactic acid. Starch is of similar appeal to them since starch, when broken down inside the mouth becomes sugar too.

3 - Deficiency of fluoride for added protection

Fluoride is a substance that really helps fight and prevent tooth decay. It strengthens the enamel on the teeth and makes them stronger against the acids. The water we drink should have fluoride, as wells as the toothpaste we use. There are other ways to obtain fluoride so ask your dentist about them.

4 - Cigarette smoking is dangerous to health, dangerous to teeth

Everyone is well aware of the danger in smoking cigarettes. Aside from the really big health issues that surround smoking, this careless habit can also cause tooth decay. The smokeless or spit tobacco is more potent. If you also are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke then you are prone to cavities.

5 - Drinking alcohol could also cause dental caries

Dental caries is another name for cavities, which is the result tooth decay. Drinking alcoholic beverage, like smoking, are two habits people should start to take out of their systems are they are both really not good for the body.


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