Underground Dentists

The dangers of underground dentists are very real! I know visitors to this site have very little money and look for ways to save, but please ensure you seek dental help from a board certified dentist.

I have heard horror stories from a small handful of people. At first, I thought these stories must be fabricated but then a news affiliate uncovered a more telling truth. Wow! I was shocked but not surprised. Perhaps this story will bring to the light the state of dental care in this country.

Here is one of the stories I found:

I suspect there are more stories out there. If you have a personal story to share, please email me (underground@getfreedental.com). I may share your story and expose someone who did you harm. I will continue to research this topic and post more finding on this page.

PLEASE be careful when looking for qualified dental help! Visiting a careless dentists could have life impacting consequences. If you are short on money, consider a free consultation from a local dentist. You might be surprised to know that most will offer a payment plan of some sort if needed.


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I entered into a research study at Boston University goldman school of dentistry and due to poor care by school my 4 front teeth all broke off. School issued a letter stating they where at fault that they would fix them with implants but now refuse to honor their offer to repair my teeth. matter a fact they refuse to treat me at all and my teeth are deterating due to dental schools not accepting me as a patient for treatment and my not able to get affordable dental insurance. I have mass Heath which does not provide much dental insurance. I am a educated man and I am having trouble accepting that a patient can walk into a majior university dental school and be damaged by their research study and they will not honor their letter stating they would fix my teeth and further the school black listing me from treatment in the school and refuse to treatment me even if I pay. I need help getting my dental health back!. I have sense developed diabetes and high blood pressure that I feel has a link to my poor dental health. I have the letters from BU that state they would repair my teeth but they are refusing me care! I feel they are punishing me because I complained about them to the authorities. I have not been able to get them to to repair the damages they admit they did to my teeth! Dental health is tough enough without a dental school contribuating to my poor oral health condition. Please beware of the poor ethics this majior university dental school has showed me in my treatment. I can prove all I say with letters from the dental school. BU Goldman school od dentistry is not to be trusted and beware of their unethitical behavior when they make mistakes!!!!!

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Before I was able to have what was left of my teeth pulled, I lived for several years with an assortment of broken teeth. The only way I made it through was by using ground cloves. I've since learned quite a bit about alternative health; and, I strongly recommend trying what was posted by someone on 7/3/2012 2:59:05AM. Something that I didn't know about back then; but, which I now use for all sorts of issues is something called MMS (sodium chlorite and citric acid = chlorine dioxide, which is VERY DIFFERENT from "chlorine!" Both are used as water purifiers; but, chlorine dioxide is MUCH safer. It's also one of the best pathogen killers on the face of the earth; and, taken as recommended, its far safer and more effective than anything which "big pharma" has to offer!!!) Had I known about MMS years ago, I'd probably still have my teeth and wouldn't be searching for some way to afford dentures!!! I don't sell the stuff - I'm just a user of it (knocked out several colds, a couple of cases of flu, a 50+ year allergy, etc.); but, you can learn more about it on jimhumble.biz It's EXTREMELY inexpensive; and, as a user, I'd give it a 10 out of 10 rating. It won't repair existing damage; but, it'll get rid of infections/kill bacteria; and, also, it'll help to get rid of the mercury poisoning from fillings, root canals, etc. I hope this helps someone out there. :)
DATE: 7/3/2012 2:59:05 AM ... SCREEN NAME:
I wrote a note on an abcess about 4/12 - 5 months ago but I can not seem to find it here. I had an abcessed tooth and cured it myself by putting cayenne peper in the very large cavity and taking several garlic gel capsules at a time
that reduced the pain to manageable the first night to be able to sleep. The next morning the pain was all but gone. I have not been to the dentist at all & after about 5 months & to my surprise the cavity in my tooth is now gone! The cavity was so large I could put 2 q-tips in it side by side. I took 1 garlic gel tablet every day after the pain went away and did begin taking (1 Tab) 250 mg of magnesium every other day. I also brushed my teeth with baking soda and even pushed baking soda into the cavity when it was there. The garlic is a very strong antibiotic (Kills bacteria that causes pain) & the cayenne will also kill bacteria on contact pretty much. Just do not get cayenne on your tongue or mouth tissue as it is very hot. It does not hurt to put cayenne on the gum above the tooth that has an abcess as the pain is already astronomical. The magnesium is a mineral that the body needs for calcium to work properly in our bodies as well as phosphorus. I also added calcium(lots of cheese) and phosphorus to my diet. I took a combo of phosphorus & magnesium from GNC. The tooth is like new with no discoloration at all!
I just realized today that the huge cavity was gone totaly and has healed itself! It is amazing! The baking soda neutralizes any acid in the mouth which is what causes decay. Best to brush with baking soda after every meal and put cayenne pepper on any decay when you are able. I used a wet (water) q-tip and dipped in the cayenne and pushed it in the cavity. I kept forgetting to do it and just did it a few times. I can not gaurantee that this will work for anyone but it is worth a try. I have a HEALED tooth-Yahoo! I never thought it was possible. It was cheap to fix
too....on my own. I was just going to see how long the garlic would work to keep the abcess from happening again
and I got the surprise of my life! I hope this helps as anyone reading this can probably attest to the terrible pain from an abcess - its the worst! I also was taking glucosomine(1500mg) /condroitin(1200mg) (combo) , zink (50mg) and MSM 1000mg). I do not know exactly what caused the tooth to heal except a combination of the above. The glucosomine may have helped due to the shellfish in it. Read shellfish does help natives that eat it regular not to have cavities. Best wishes to everyone and get close to GOD as he is real close to puttting an end to this world as we know it.

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