Underground Dentists

The dangers of underground dentists are very real! I know visitors to this site have very little money and look for ways to save, but please ensure you seek dental help from a board certified dentist.

I have heard horror stories from a small handful of people. At first, I thought these stories must be fabricated but then a news affiliate uncovered a more telling truth. Wow! I was shocked but not surprised. Perhaps this story will bring to the light the state of dental care in this country.

Here is one of the stories I found:

I suspect there are more stories out there. If you have a personal story to share, please email me (underground@getfreedental.com). I may share your story and expose someone who did you harm. I will continue to research this topic and post more finding on this page.

PLEASE be careful when looking for qualified dental help! Visiting a careless dentists could have life impacting consequences. If you are short on money, consider a free consultation from a local dentist. You might be surprised to know that most will offer a payment plan of some sort if needed.


Please take a moment to leave a comment. Please keep it clean and NO spam.

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